Applied Infinity

15th January 2019

Updates 1.4 Available [ 1.4.0 ( UPDATED 15-01-19 ) ]

Open Terminal & Execute Following In Serial Order.

  1. prathamos-update [ 2.3 GB ]
  2. executeorder66 [ Safe To Run For Debian SID Update & Upgrade ]
  3. kernel-update [ Stable - 4.20.3 ( UPDATED 18-01-19 ) ]
  4. kernel-update-beta [ MainLine - 5.0-rc2 ( UPDATED 18-01-19 ) ]

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23rd October 2018

Updates 1.3 Available [ 1.3.4 ( UPDATED 17-11-18 ) ]


Open Terminal & Execute Following In Serial Order.

  1. prathamos-update [ 4.5 GB ]
  2. executeorder66 [ Safe To Run For Debian SID Update & Upgrade ]
  3. kernel-update [ Stable - 4.19.2 ( UPDATED 17-11-18 ) ]
  4. kernel-update-beta [ MainLine - 4.20-rc2 ( UPDATED 17-11-18 ) ]

Current Offerings In FLATSNAP, APPS & NEWAPPS Packs Merged Into Updates.
No Changes For ANDROID.
For DEV, BD_ML & TOS, Run Below After System Updates.

  • prathamos-install dev [ 2.5 GB ]
  • prathamos-install bdml [ 1.5 GB ]
  • prathamos-install tos [ 7.0 GB ]

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20th July 2018

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19th July 2018

TreeBeard V2 Released. Release Notes HERE

18th July 2018

Dynamic Updates - ( OpenJDK 10.0.2 ) + ( Oracle Java 8u181 / 10.0.2 )

10th July 2018


Updates 1.2 Available [ prathamos-update ]

  • kernel-update 4.18.0-rc6 [UPDATED 23-07-18]
  • executeorder66 [Safe To Run For Debian SID Update & Upgrade]

  • Updated To 8.8.0
  • GIMP Updated To 2.10.3
  • Krita Updated To 4.1.0
  • OpenDesktop Updated To 3.2.0-2
  • OpenShot Updated To 2.4.2
  • E-Book Manager Calibre Updated To 3.27.1
  • FileZilla Updated To 3.34.0
  • Google Chrome Updated To 67.0.3396.99
  • Google Play Music Updated To 4.6.0
  • Opera Browser Updated To 54.0.2952.51
  • Tor Browser Updated To 7.5.6
  • Viber Updated To v2018
  • Telegram Updated To 1.3.9
  • Timeshift Updated To 18.6.1
  • Master Pdf Editor Updated To 5.0.32
  • Zoom Meetings Updated To 2.2.128200.0702
  • FreeFileSync Updated To 10.2
  • Syncthing Updated ( Core - v0.14.49-rc.3 )
  • VMware Updated To 14.1.2-8497320

  • .Net Core Updated To 2.1.301
  • VS Code Updated To 1.25.0
  • Eclipse Series Updated To 4.8.0

  • prathamos-share [File Share Functionality ADDED] 
  • bigdata-repomaker [Automated Repo Creation For BigData Distros ADDED]
  • New Apps Pushbullet (7.6), Mailspring (1.2.2),
    VR180 Creator (1.0), BitPay / Copay Wallet (4.4) ,
    IntelliJ IDEA (2018.1.5), FreeOffice (2018_934-01) &
    Discord (0.0.5) Added

11th June 2018

Updates 1.1 Available  

  • Pre-Installed VMware & VirtualBox Images 
  • Automated Upgrade For Kernel 4.18.0-rc3   [UPDATED 03-07-18]
  • Default Mime Types Updated
  • prathamos-install [NEWAPPS, FLATSNAP, APPS, ANDROID, DEV, BD_ML & TOS] 

  • LibreOffice Updated To
  • Updated To 8.6.5
  • E-Book Manager Calibre Updated To 3.25.0
  • Master Pdf Editor Updated To 5.0.23
  • Zoom Meetings Updated To 2.1.103753.0521
  • FreeFileSync Updated To 10.1
  • Syncthing Updated ( Core - v0.14.49-rc.1 & GUI - 0.9.4 )
  • Both Oracle & Open JDK 10.0.1 Single Command Install 
  • New Apps gpac, strace & Qalculate Available

4th June 2018

Completely Built From The Ground Up, After 24 Months Of Extensive Research & Planning, The Latest Edition "Adyah" Is Released Today.The Salient Features Are Summarized Alongside.

LOTR Series... { June 2016 - Jan 2017 }

TreeBeard - VMWare & VirtualBox V2 Upcoming.
Frodo - Raspberry Pi, SBC, IOT Complete Revamp Upcoming.
Gandalf - Discontinued Due To Lesser Usability & Acceptance.
Aragorn - Replaced By This Release.
Legolas - 32 BIT Support For The Distribution Ends With It.

Sarvatra Series... { Dec 2014 - Jan 2015 }

Obsoleted.End Of Line.

  • 64 BIT Debian SID XFCE Based  
  • Kernel 4.16.8
  • UEFI/GPT & BIOS/MBR Hybrid + LIVE ISO [Dual Boot Win 10]
  • AN Assitance Program for Managing Installation (Voice Assist)     
  • Blazing Fast, Extremely Simplified, Parallel Threads Based SetUp
  • State Of The Art UI With Modern Applied Ergonomics    
  • Modern Themes (Numix, Adapta, Flat, Paper, Pop, Xenlism)
  • All Latest 3000+ Core Packages & 50+ External Apps
  • Holistic Rolling Distribution Model
  • InBuilt Generic & Custom Install, Update & Upgrade Actions
  • Flatpak, Snap, AppImage & Zero Install Integrated
  • 25+ Audio / Video File Formats Supported  
  • Support For MS Office Extensions (.doc .docx .xls .xslx .ppt .pptx)
  • Functional MargERP 9+ & Tally.ERP 9 Windows Version  
  • NotePad++, EverNote, DropBox, Google Drive Sync
  • Chrome, Opera, Tor, Steam, PlayOnLinux
  • Skype, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Telegram, Zoom
  • GIMP 2.10, DarkTable, Krita, InkScape, Blender, FreeCAD
  • VLC, Clementine, Audacious, Spotify, Kodi
  • Ardour, OpenShot, Audacity, OBS Studio
  • VMWare, VirtualBox, Qemu, Docker & Android-x86 Enabled
  • Java, Python, R, .Net Core & Scala Language & IDE Support  
  • Apache, Nginx, SQL, Git, LAMP & MEAN Stack
  • BigData Cloudera & HortonWorks Compliant      
  • Machine Learning Platform Anaconda & Enthought Canopy  


This Release Candidate Is Made Of Below Independent 64 BIT Components.
Hover To Identify...Click To Find Out More...

These Components Are Further Aligned Into Categories Called "Packs".

  • FLATSNAP      =>  FlatPak & Snapd Software
  • APPS               =>  AppImage & UnSynced External Software (Managed By PrathamOS)
  • ANDROID        =>  Android-x86
  • DEV                 =>  Software Development
  • BD_ML & TOS =>  BigData & Machine Learning, Talend Open Studio ETL


The Linux Kernel & Debian SID Together Along With SYNC Capability & DESKTOP Calibration Form The BASELINE.
  • With More Than 3000+ Latest Core Packages (SEE HERE),
    The BaseLine Has The Complete Ability To Install/Modify/Remove Any Pack Or Applications,
    But Doesnt Carry The Installed Stuff Itself.
  • prathamos-install, prathamos-update & kernel-update Are Used To Manage & Extend It.
  • prathamos-install newapps Adds More Functionality As It Gets Added To The Distribution...
    With The PrathamOS AppCenter Due In Coming Updates, This Would Provide More Granular Control...
  • All Above Commands Along With The Release Installation Is Managed By ANAPMI.
  • AN Assitance Program for Managing Installation OR ANAPMI Is Voice Assist Based Automation Which Runs In The BackGround
    With Intelligent Notification Mechanism To Keep The Complexity Away & Improve The User Experience.
    In Future Updates, ANAPMI Will Be Upgraded With Speech Recognition For Natural Language Processing Based Voice Commands.
  • Being Debian, Normal apt-get install, apt-get update & apt-get upgrade Continue To Function Normally.
    However A New Feature setupapt Has Been Added, Which Automatically Chooses The Nearest Mirror For apt-get, Thereby Increasing
    Speed Of Application Installation.
    Also apt-get Itself Has Been Modified To Facilitate Parallel Downloads & Processing.
    Usage Is Extremely Simple...Instead Of apt-get update Use setupapt  Thats It...
    It Will Automatically Search Debian Mirrors & Choose The Fastest.Then Run apt-get install To Proceed As Usual...



To Ensure That The Release Follows Completely Holistic Rolling Model,
In Summary, Below Are The Avenues Possible To Maintain The Freshness Quotient...

kernel-update, prathamos-install, prathamos-update
setupapt, apt-get update, apt-get upgrade
snap refresh, flatpak update, freshclam, updateconda
apt-get clean, cleandocs, cleanlogs

A Single Command executeorder66 Can Be Invoked To Carry Out Above Operations.
Its Essentially A Nuclear Strike...Caution Is Adviced...


PLEASE NOTE : The Release Is Already Running On The Latest Stack Possible...Gelled With Delicate Precision...
Please Run apt-get upgrade With Discretion, To Avoid Breaking...
PrathamOS Updates Would Be The Suggestive Recommended Approach.


The Desktop While Being XFCE Per se, Has Been Completely Revamped In The Approach.
Modern Day Usage Amongst Plethora Of Options, Orient User To Identify A Category First Based On Requirement & Then Engage An
Application To Get Productive.
Based On This Behavioral Psychology, A State Of The Art UI On Applied Ergonomics Is On Offer.

Screenshots Carousel HERE

PLEASE NOTE : All Menu Options Will Be ShowCased Irrespective Of The Version Installed.
As The Packs Are Installed, Respective Options Would Be Activated Automatically.
Of Course, Menus Can Be Incremented, Removed Or Modified For More Options & Choices.

This Is A PreProcessed Extension Over The BASELINE, Which Being Bare Metal, Lacks The Below In Functional Mode,
Both In The LIVE Environment & Installed...
  • FLATSNAP Pack (spotify, tusk, vidcutter, teleport, Steam, Audacity, Darktable, hydrapaper, Rhythmbox, Inkscape, Pitivi)
  • ANDROID Pack
  • DEV Pack
  • BD_ML & TOS Pack
  • kingsoft office, messengerfordesktop, wine-staging, blender, calibre, dropbox, jhora, opera, rlinux, telegram, tor, viber, windowsapps,
    xdman, xnconvert, zoom, google-chrome, google-music, google-earth, dockstation,, etcher, FreeCAD,
    krita, odrive, opendesktop, OpenShot, Rambox, whatsapp, clamav
Apart From The DEV, BD_ML & TOS Pack, Rest Everything Is Assimilated In A Single Installation With This Option.
This Gets The Normal User Absolutely Geared Up From The First Login Itself.

Below Options Are Available For The Latest Release Cycle.

  • Both ISO Are Auto Detect Hybrid ( UEFI/GPT & BIOS/MBR ) & Boot Into BASELINE LIVE Environment.
  • The MAINLINE Installs The Additional Packs Itself UnAssisted.
  • DUAL BOOT With Windows 10 Is Possible With UEFI/GPT Settings.
  • VMware & VirtualBox Images Can Be Run Directly After Extraction.
  • LIVE Environment Passwords : root - prathamos | primaryuser (AutoLogin) - Primary@123
  • VMware & VirtualBox Passwords (ADYAH) : root - prathamos | adyah (AutoLogin) - adyah
  • VMware & VirtualBox Passwords (TREEBEARD V2) : root - treebeard | hadams - hadams
Download PrathamOS
  • Click On The Name To Get Direct Download On The Browser.
  • Usage Of A Download Manager Like uGet Is Recommended Though.
  • For Linux Users, Another Option For Downloading Is Axel.Open Terminal & Run Command Below The CheckSums After Installing Axel.
  • To Create Bootable USB, Windows Users Can Use Rufus.Linux Users Can Go With Etcher.

             Release_Jun2018_Adyah_LIVE_Base_DebianSID_64BIT.iso   [ 4478939136 B / 4.5 GB ]
             md5sum - 3f5a58a38188350606c3e873468cb3aa
             sha1sum - cd01be43f8a7581a2fea8481720741af3855e48d
             sha256sum - abf627525afd40b60713898c13522d750310ca7d011a533a9e73d7e1e8878e61
             axel -n 50

             Release_Jun2018_Adyah_LIVE_Main_DebianSID_64BIT.iso   [ 9481144320 B / 9.5 GB ]
             md5sum - 8a6216de1a60e5dc8c91e5a9bb6ac82a
             sha1sum - b7545654c77178ca32f0576fca4f5b144f66217f
             sha256sum - c85ada8af801ff09ba9d59ad8a5d40785469b051b31fae55cba639f21427b886
             axel -n 50

      [ 4980736000 B / 5.0 GB ]
             md5sum - c2f3012892e65c1b64976f4053771aa1
             sha1sum - 6b775820aebed5c99092ad140451a028a76c9db5
             sha256sum - b2cbe0b5daf57fe029fe7f08a560fd4bef1dc04bb3ede64aa91b319878148b75
             axel -n 50

      [ 4491863681 B / 4.5 GB ]
             md5sum - 227fc8d6a4f52c4f240581db231b07a2
             sha1sum - ce833cad8c6c1e81eeeabe5c0f3bf68e0e8e90c4
             sha256sum - d8e7e24c824ceace04190a25fa5cea1e6cd793e8c3cdaf8c11435fe4207a55db
             axel -n 50

                          Linux Users Can Run Below Commands On The Terminal After Download (Navigate To The Folder).Windows Users Can Watch THIS To Combine The Files.
                             cat* >
                             rm -f*
                             mv Release_Jun2018_Adyah_LIVE_Main_DebianSID_64BIT/Release_Jun2018_Adyah_LIVE_Main_DebianSID_64BIT.iso .
                             rm -Rf Release_Jun2018_Adyah_LIVE_Main_DebianSID_64BIT

             Release_Jun2018_Adyah_LIVE_Base_DebianSID_64BIT_VMware.7z   [ 4015757607 B / 4.0 GB ]
             md5sum - 8ac43b091ad46854e9fc176574c123dc
             sha1sum - 5de13455424014dedfb383316458de76852147b0
             sha256sum - 8396566af6ef601a1b8c53db5f14f70347463a80bd849d85e772d9bbfa5addb9
             axel -n 50

             Release_Jul2018_TreeBeard_V2_CentOS7_64BIT_VMware.7z   [ 4338471486 B / 4.3 GB ]
             md5sum - 00cf11b88497858567ea8d9a968f8fd6
             sha1sum - 0c2d3ccce7d4ff6d6956c5455993aeeae567c1d0
             sha256sum - cabf8ea931169f5bcaf54dcd9e38bd330a3fad69b8ed45afcd998a6593f93574
             axel -n 50

             Release_Jun2018_Adyah_LIVE_Base_DebianSID_64BIT_VirtualBox.7z   [ 4008891251 B / 4.0 GB ]
             md5sum - 858e870000f9d87e19fbb0abd7246238
             sha1sum - 6fb09d0b7a1572f47cabd8f87dd6c1f497aeb525
             sha256sum - 8ee0a473534530489893f3affcd1f5f3e5cc1e6f8b04dd0440ac212d4bf6da3a
             axel -n 50

             Release_Jul2018_TreeBeard_V2_CentOS7_64BIT_VirtualBox.7z   [ 4360047510 B / 4.4 GB ]
             md5sum - 3c4aff7ff8742730d2768cdb2938b83d
             sha1sum - f4b3ad0d51db3d976b0dc97f5741115ccdf5533b
             sha256sum - f0073349f352b7e2125c12a527c309fff76ede1b6d88fa15e86e0e5951dcbf1d
             axel -n 50


Learn About PrathamOS Download Manager HERE.To Download Using It, Open Terminal & Run Below Command As Per Choice.
Axel Must Be Installed To Proceed Further.

  rm -f GetPrathamOS && wget && chmod 755 GetPrathamOS && echo "BaseLine" | ./GetPrathamOS  

  rm -f GetPrathamOS && wget && chmod 755 GetPrathamOS && echo "MainLine" | ./GetPrathamOS  

  rm -f GetPrathamOS && wget && chmod 755 GetPrathamOS && echo "VMware" | ./GetPrathamOS  

  rm -f GetPrathamOS && wget && chmod 755 GetPrathamOS && echo "VirtualBox" | ./GetPrathamOS  



PrathamOS is only based on, AND, not recognized, supported or sponsored in any way by Debian, meaning, it is not an official Debian project.
All trademarks and products are the property & copyright of their respective owners.
UnSynced Software have been downloaded from public urls available over the respective sites.
Any tools requiring product keys have to be activated by manual keys are provided herein.
The programs included with the Debian GNU/Linux system are free software;
The exact distribution terms for each program are described in the individual files in /usr/share/doc/*/copyright.
PrathamOS comes with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY, to the extent permitted by applicable law.
This Distribution and all information, products and services on it are provided on an “as is” basis, without warranty of any kind, either express or implied.
Your use of this Distribution is at your own risk.
PrathamOS disclaims all warranties, express or implied, including without limitation, warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose.
PrathamOS disclaims liability for any direct, indirect, incidental, special, consequential, exemplary, punitive or other damages, or lost profits,
that may result directly or indirectly from the use of this Distribution and any material that is downloaded or obtained through the use of this Distribution.
This includes, without limitation, any damage to computer systems, hardware or software, loss of data, or any other performance failures,
any errors, bugs, viruses or other defects that result from, or are associated with the use of this Distribution.

The Installation Process Is Ridiculously Boring & Very Time Consuming.It Could Take Up To 7-10 Minutes !!!

One Would Expect That A Distribution So Vast & Complex Would Present Something Complicated & Intellectually Challenging !!
Instead What One Gets Is Below...

Whether It Is BASELINE Or MAINLINE,Same Process Follows...

Select The Date, Time & Zone.Use Disk Management (GParted) To Set Up Partitions ( One ext4 [ 50GB+ { All Packs } 20GB { Normal } ] & One SWAP ).
Then The Installer Auto Detects & Selects Required Values.ANAPMI Takes Over & Installs All Packs Available In The ISO UnAssisted.

VMware & VirtualBox Images Are Even A Step Ahead !! Extract Zip & Run...Duh !!

Watch The Action To Believe It

PrathamOS+Windows10 Dual Boot UEFI/GPT

PrathamOS UEFI/GPT Stand-Alone

PrathamOS+OtherLinux BIOS/MBR

VMware & VirtualBox SetUp

Legacy BIOS/MBR Mode


Once The Installation Is Over & Freshly Minted PrathamOS Boots For The First Time,
Following Steps Could Be Applied To Further Enhance The Experience...

The Items Are In Recommended Chronological Order Of Sorts...Click On The Respective Link To Watch The Implementation.

YouTube Videos Are Being Provided As Guide...
Incase The Reception Is Blurred, Change Video Quality By Going To In The Corner Of The Video Player To Select Preferred Quality.
720p / 1080p HD Would Be Our Recommendation For Optimum Viewing Of These Videos.

Icons Denote The Severity Level ( CRITICAL, GOOD TO HAVE, USER DISCRETION, CAUTION ) . Hover To Identify...

Please Drop A Mail To For Suggestions On Further Documentation On Any Aspect Of The Distribution.
Same Shall be Updated / Made Available Here.

Enhancements / Suggestions - { }
What essential features are missing...In terms of speed,efficiency,optimization,usability, what can be done to improve...and so on...

Technical - { }
Build / Installation errors,General or functional help, technical queries etc...

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If You Would Like To Build Your Own Linux, Please Visit AryaLinux. My Teammate & Friend Chandrakant Singh Is Facilitating Build From Source.

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